Some years back when Fargo, ND's entire city suffered floods and flames Trintiy English Lutheran's Sunday School prepared packets of felt embellished Christmas ornaments for the families who lost everything.  All supplies were gathered and prepped for a "massive glue and glitter in" which took place between services one Sunday morning.  The turnout was huge, and it was truly cross generational.  Grandparents stood next to their grandchildren (or other wee ones) and helped them get ornaments decorated and stuffed into ziplock packages.  An enormous number of boxes of ornaments went to ND.  The pastor called us with tears and told of older adults who quickly gave up their packet of ornaments so families of young children could have theirs!  This went way beyond rewarding.  With Hurricane Sandy having left thousands suffering, this would be a good way for those faithful Midwestern families to share the Gospel and enable cross generational sharing within our own congregations.  Questions- contact Sally Lawson