Marriage mentoring is a wonderful opportunity to outreach to engaged couples. While providing solid premarital education, mentors are able to develop a strong relationship with the couple that lasts well into the marriage. This connection then serves to provide an ongoing support system as the couple navigates the early challenges of marriage and also to provide a firm connection to your congregation, hopefully avoiding the typical pattern of decreased church attendance post-wedding.

How does it work?

Couples are recruited from within the congregation to serve as mentors. Your leadership will create guidelines for recruitment such as being married at least ten years, not currently in a major crisis (health condition, financial struggle, etc.), and more. Once your have recruited 3-5 couples, invite them to a full day training program. During this training, they learn foundations of mentoring as well as how to administer the premarital education materials. We recommend using PREPARE-ENRICH's mentoring program for this.

Once couples are trained, they are ready for assignment. In our congregation, a couple wishing to be married has the option of entering our mentoring program or going to professional counseling. This option is given to them during their initial meeting with the pastor. If they choose mentoring, they complete the PREPARE-ENRICH online assessment and are then assigned to a mentor couple. That mentor couple makes contact with the couple and schedules 6-8 mentoring sessions. The sessions typically run about 90 minutes and cover the materials and exercises provided by PREPARE-ENRICH.

How do I get started?

Check out the additional articles on this website for more information on getting started.

How do I train the mentors?

Please contact St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne for more information on training for mentors or any other questions about the mentoring program.