All mentor couples must attend a training session. This training takes six hours and covers both how to be a mentor as well as how to administer the PREPARE-ENRICH program.


As couples are recruited or indicate an interest in being a mentor, they are placed on a list for the next training session. Once 4-6 couples have agreed to participate, begin the process of scheduling the training.


Considerations for training dates are as follows:

  • Training sessions are ideally offered for no fewer than 3 couples.
  • A session with more than 5 couples may also make it difficult to complete in six hours due to increased discussion.
  • It is recommended to wait until 4-6 couples have agreed to participate, because it is usually quite difficult to get all to agree to one date.
  • Sessions are typically offered on a Saturday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. For these sessions, a light continental breakfast and a box lunch are provided.
  • Sessions could be broken into a couple of shorter sessions offered during the week
  • Both the Program Coordinator and Pastor conduct the training, so those calendars must be coordinated.


Once a date is selected, complete the following tasks:

  • Schedule the room, speakers, etc.
  • Contact all couples to be trained. Indicate the final date and time for training. Ask for any dietary considerations when planning the food. Inform the couples that they are to take the PREPARE-ENRICH online assessment prior to the training. It is important that the assessments be completed no later than two weeks prior to the training. (This allows adequate time for the preparation of the training materials and offers time should any couples come back with a conflicted or devitalized couple style.)
  • Order an online assessment for each couple. PREPARE-ENRICH will send an email to the couple with their login code. However, these emails are occasionally caught in the recipient’s spam filter. It is a good idea to also forward the copy of the email sent to the Coordinator with the same information.
  • If the couples have not already done so, ask them to complete the Mentor Application Form. Once the applications are received, enter the couple’s information into the Mentor Tracking spreadsheet. Also, place their anniversary on the calendar for a reminder to send a card.
  • Make arrangements for the food.
  • Prepare training materials. Each couple will receive:  1 training binder; 1 copy of the couple’s Facilitator Report; 1 copy of the couple’s Couple Report; 1 Peacemaker brochure; 1 Set Praying for my Husband/Wife cards; 2 copies of the training notes; 1 copy of each handout; Pens, highlighter.
  • Deliver the PREPARE-ENRICH training binder to each couple and ask them to read chapter 1 before the training.


Average Cost for Training

$30/ couple   Marriage Mentor Training Guide
$30/couple    Online assessment
$15/couple    Lunch
$10/couple    Other Food
$20/couple    Thank you gift (gift certificate for dinner)