Growing Kids God’s Way (GKGW) is a comprehensive values-based parenting curriculum now utilized by more than 10,000 churches and schools worldwide and serves over a million households. In 2007 the student manual entered its 91st printing. There are several reasons why Growing Kids God’s Way is popular with the masses. The message is clear, the information speaks to the heart and mind of the child, the lessons are practical and the results are compelling ─ morally responsible children with a healthy view of self and others. The curriculum is designed for small group studies or to be utilized by individuals in the privacy of their own home.

Topics include: How to help children internalize virtues and values and practically live out the character of God in their life. What parents do to foster insecure children and how they can fix the problems that might now exist. How to say “I love you” to your children and spouse in such a way that each member actually feels the full sensation of parental love. How fathers build or undermine their children’s sense of trust and confidence in parental leadership and how to build family loyalty and identity. What is true character and how to teach children to love and prefer each other? Parents learn what true biblical discipline is about and how to achieve first-time obedience. The curriculum also teaches how to train right behavior into children so you will not have to spend unnecessary time correcting wrong behavior. It also establishes practical ways to help children master their own self-control and make it a life time habit. There are numerous examples, charts and teaching tools that assist the learning process along with a number of insightful appendices, each of which has helped internationally popularize the curriculum. Growing Kids God’s Way comes in seventeen audio or video session formats.

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